something good, something useful facilitates creative community consultation through temporary public art and participatory workshops to connect organisations initiating sustainability, social change, and urban realm projects with local people affected by them.

something good, something useful adopts a positive, creative approach and works as a neutral platform to collate public responses and improve community engagement. We present the results back to our clients in beautiful, accessible, engaging and ‘ready-to-share’ packages from project blogs, to e-books and short films, enabling organisations to listen to and engage with those involved and impacted by their work more effectively.

something good, something useful was founded by participatory artist Eleanor Shipman as she was struck by the powerful role of art in enabling, provoking and encouraging honest dialogue on a range of subjects – from local regeneration, to the cultural identity of Londoners or what it means to be happy. Eleanor now works with six SGSU associates – from architects and anthropologists to sustainability leaders – to collaborate and deliver exciting multi-disciplinary projects.


We have worked with:

London Legacy Development Corporation  |  Ashley McCormick Projects  |  Tate Britain  |  Pump House Gallery  |  Abbey Line Community Rail Partnership  |  YMCA Watford  |  Near Neighbours  |  Pembroke House Community Centre  |  Home Live Art |  Hub Art  |  Spare Tyre  |  St. Luke’s Community Centre |  Bath Spa University | University of the West of England

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