Propagate Way Exhibition: Concrete and Dandelions – The loves and hates of the M32

SGSU Director Ellie Shipman was invited to take part in Propagate Way, a group exhibition of Bristol-based artists curated by Beth Morafon exploring the M32, its affect on local communities and the ongoing proposal of a ‘green bridge’.

To get a better understanding of the issues affecting the communities surrounding the M32 we designed a giant fabric heart and cross hung in different public locations as a way to provoke the curiousity of passers by, with trailing riveted ribbons for people to add handwritten notecards of their loves and hates.

We also created a short, observational film documenting the area around the roundabout, with its contemporary urban landscape of unused concrete plazas, dark and damp underpasses and sudden oasis-like greenery.

The notecards collected on site were featured in the final installation at the Propagate Way exhibition at The Island, Bristol, as a prompt for others to add their own throughout the duration of the show.

The film was also shown in the exhibition projected in a dark space coming off the gallery, with the omnipresent drone of the motorway resonating out across the space.

Propagate Way was part of Bristol’s Big Green Week. Find out more at: