Recycled Island Children’s Workshop at Meltdown Festival 2015

In summer 2015 SGSU Director Eleanor Shipman was invited to develop a creative workshop for children at David Byrne’s Meltdown Festival. To encourage recycling and free play, Eleanor created an imaginary island floating in the Clore Ballroom with young attendees and their parents. First asking children to go on a treasure hunt across the Southbank Centre to scavenge the recycled materials, participants were then given free reign to add their creations to the pallet and gabion skeleton of the island.

Many attendees stayed for the whole afternoon engrossed in building castles (with working draw bridges), smelting weaponry, introducing new species, and generally having a pretty good time on the island – with parents loitering on! The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and lots of carers commented on how easy it would be to do at home with the recycled materials they could access for free.