Sustainability analysis and toolkit for architecture firm tangentstudios

Since November 2015 SGSU Director Eleanor Shipman has been working with tangentfield, the live field-research strand of Bristol-based architecture firm tangentstudios, to develop a toolkit to help reflect on and share their methodology and best practice when working on live, participatory projects. The toolkit development included a series of illustrations (below), complete design and participant survey.

Eleanor also ran a sustainability analysis and fed back a recommendations report on the organisation.

‘[The project] gave us valuable time and support to reflect on our practice, identify our strengths and vision for the future. Ellie’s ability to clearly and simply structure and focus the mission scope and programme, to listen and prompt key questions and to interpret all the archive and discussed material – distilling it into useful tools for us to move forwards has been vital. Her work has helped us to gain a new confidence through understanding where we have come from and how we hope to develop in the future.’
Sally Daniels, Director

The field-research toolkit went live in February 2016 and is available for free download here:

To find out more about tangent’s practice see:

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