Sustrans: Experiential Landscape Mapping with Pocket Places Peckham

SGSU was invited by sustainable transport charity Sustrans to carry out ‘Experiential Landscape Mapping’ (ELM) around their project ‘Pocket Places Peckham’ – a new initiative in urban design, putting “unused pockets of land to community use”.

ELM is a subjective mapping process developed by Dr Kevin Thwaites, focusing on gathering qualitative and quantitative data on how spaces and places feel by exploring how their focus, movement, direction and atmosphere comes across.

Having been trained on the art of ELM by Hannah Padgett, Pocket Places Peckham Project Coordinator, on the streets of Farringdon around the Sustrans HQ, urban researcher Katy Hawkins and SGSU developed a more simplified key and code system for the mapping to be carried out at a later stage in the project process.

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